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John Robert Cardillo

John Robert Cardillo is a health and fitness professional with over 30 years of experience in the fitness, wellness and weight loss industry. He is the Founder and Clinic Director of Dr. Weightloss Clinics, which implemented his Transformation Diet (TD) and Transformation Workout Program (TWP).

During his 30-plus years career, both programs were used to help over one million clients achieve extraordinary results. Cardillo is a highly motivated individual and a former champion bodybuilder. At the young age of 16, he won the Junior Ontario Bodybuilding Championships and won the Junior Canadian bodybuilding championships at 17. He followed these successes by winning the Senior Ontario Bodybuilding Championships at 18 years of age (the youngest to ever win the title), and went on to win the competition three more times. Cardillo also competed in the United States, winning the Eastern US Open Bodybuilding championships. He retired from bodybuilding at 23 to pursue a career in health and fitness.

As a result of his personal experience in getting as lean as possible to compete in bodybuilding, Cardillo formulated the Transformation Diet Lifestyle Program. He was one of the first body- builders known for extreme muscularity – devoid of any body fat. Bob Kennedy, an authority on bodybuilding and publisher of MuscleMag International, Oxygen and Curves magazines, was so impressed by Cardillo‘s rock-hard muscular conditioning that he wrote about Cardillo as being “beyond ripped – shredded.” Kennedy later applied that term he’d coined— “shredded” —to describe anyone who achieved Cardillo‘s level of muscularity, a term that is still used today. His body fat measured less than 2%—an extraordinary achievement.

Cardillo’s nutrition methods are no-nonsense and results-pro ducing; he does not believe that an individual needs to resort to starving to lose body fat or spending unnecessary money on weight- loss supplements. This book is based on not just his personal fat loss results, but also his vast experience using the TD program to help thousands of his Dr. Weightloss clients lose excess body fat.

Cardillo is also a fitness and body building expert. He opened his first commercial gym at the age of 19. By the age of 23 he owned and operated six gyms across the Province of Ontario. During his career, his gym empire grew to 50 locations, with over 250,000 annual members and more than 2,000 employees, including more than 1,000 personal trainers. Over his career Cardillo taught his Transformation Diet and Transformation Workout Program methods to more than 10,000 trainers and nutritionists who worked in his clinics and fitness facilities.

He learned Hi-Intensity methods of exercise at Nautilus Sports Medical, under the tutelage of the mastermind behind Nautilus and Medx exercise machines, Arthur Jones, then used this scientific methodology to develop his own unique line of exercise equipment.

Cardillo’s Transformation Workout Program is unique and revolutionary. He insists there is no need to waste countless hours fanatically training in a gym six or seven days per week. Instead he has proven with thousands of clients that to lose body fat, develop a lean physique, and achieve optimal fitness, all that is required is high intensity, low volume workouts, lasting a maximum of 45 minutes each and performed no more than four days each week. His revolutionary training method is outlined in his upcoming book, The Transformation Workout Program.

Cardillo is an accomplished writer with over 150 published articles on health, fitness and the science of exercise equip- ment. He is the author of The Transformation Diet Lifestyle Program, The Transformation Workout Program, The Cardillo Principles of Hi-Intensity Exercise, and Too Fit To Fail.